Emerald Environmental Technologies was founded in 2006 to market, design and install renewable and sustainable technologies applicable to the mechanical industry. We specialize in highly efficient refrigeration plant replacements with total heat reclaim capabilities as well as geothermal, fully embracing the "use it or lose it" mantra by directing waste heat from your refrigeration or air conditioning system to other facility needs. Waste heat is an asset waiting to be harnessed and is a primary consideration in all of our designs. Be it space heating, domestic hot water or Zamboni hot water pre-heat, we never tire of the creative means and methods employed to meet the challenge of "total heat reclaim". The possibilities are endless.

With increasing awareness of the need to pursue alternatives that maximize every kilowatt hour consumed, we have developed designs that rely on staging capabilities, variable frequency drives and reclamation of waste heat to ensure that every dollar is well spent.

We’ve developed a protocol to achieve full HVAC integration with the refrigeration plant itself to provide heating and cooling simultaneously, often eliminating the need for separate mechanical systems to serve each purpose.

Give us a call. What have you got to lose? Or should we say use!